Investigation into the Drobin illegal market, 4 Jul 2013

DSC03498A team of ‘Viva! Poland’, on behalf of Animals’ Angels, inspects an illegal animal market in Drobin.

The temperature is 17°C. Approximately 5 cows, 10 calves and 50 piglets are brought to the market. The team does not know the market’s exact location or hours in advance, therefore they have to drive late at night from one end of town to the other.

At 4:45 am they finally spot a calf trailer and follow it to the illegal market held on a small street. The market does not provide any kind of infrastructure and the animals are not unloaded at all. The market visitors seem to know each other very well hence the team’s arrival raises high suspicion. The team calls the police who arrives within 15min and disperses the market visitors.

Most animals are driven back unsold. The local city council and veterinary service will be notified of the illegal market taking place in Drobin.

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