Investigations into the Radzymin market, Sep 2013

wiele zwierząt odczas załadunków upada

wiele zwierząt podczas załadunków upada

6.09.2013: A team of Viva! Poland, on behalf of Animals’ Angels, inspects an animal market in Radzymin.

Approximately 150 cows and one horse are for sale. The temperature is 15°C. The animals are tight-laced in large groups without water and bedding. The market operator and veterinarian admit cows with overgrown hooves and emaciation, which are therefore unfit for transport, into the market.

They do not provide further supervision over the market and they do not intervene in cases of cows being kicked or loaded on too short and steep ramps with excessive force. The team observes one cow with severely overgrown hooves who is unable to walk naturally. She has to lift her legs up high to avoid injury and cannot keep up with the pace of the man dragging her, but he does not care. She is dragged all the way to the truck and up the ramp. The team also witnesses one truck leaving the market with cows loaded extremely dense. The truck originates from Latvia, which means that the cows have to stand inside this overcrowded vehicle for at least 500km.

The city council and veterinary service will be notified of the observed law violations and the market will be inspected again soon.

10.09.2013: Aav_hooves team of Viva! Poland, on behalf of Animals’ Angels, inspects Radzymin market again to witness even more cases of animal cruelty.

Among the 150 cows are ones with extremely big udders, overgrown hooves and scratches. The team observes animals being loaded onto a truck originating from Latvia. More than half of the animals being loaded have serious problems climbing up the ramp.

Several cows and bulls trip or even collapse and are finally lifted by force. The team observes many cases of kicking animals and twisting their tails including but not restricted to the Latvian truck personnel. This time veterinarians are spotted walking around the market premise, as they are probably aware of the team’s presence, but they do not intervene.

The market will be inspected again soon and the authorities will be notified of the observed law violations.

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