Investigation into the Golub-Dobrzyń market, 30 Aug 2013

DSC_1159A team of Viva! Poland, on behalf of Animals’ Angels, visits an animal market in Golub Dobrzyn, Nothern Poland.

The market is held on a fenced but however non-paved property. The concrete ramps are grown over with grass like they have never been used. There is no real entrance check and no visible supervision on the veterinarian’s service part. Approximately 50 calves, many of which are very young, are for sale. 200 piglets are sold directly out of cramped trailer cages and poultry are kept in small overcrowded cages. Furthermore, the team spots the sale of piglets out of five trailers parked outside the market, right under the noses of the city council employees.

The market operater will be notified of the observed law violations.

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