Investigation into the Nowy Targ market, 28 Nov 2013

piglets_sold_in_bagsOn 28 nov 2013, team of Viva! Poland on behalf of Animals’ Angels inspects a market in Nowy Targ.

The market lasts for approximately 5 hours and the temperature drops down even to -13°C. There are few big animals being sold, which is less than 5 horses, 3 sheep, 2 cows, and approximately 50 piglets, but the conditions of their sale are unacceptable.

The piglets are sold into sealed bags, all big animals remain onboard the trucks, and the market infrastructure does not meet necessary requirements. No supervising personnel is seen at the market.

The team waits until the end of the market to visit the local veterinary service’s office, located just next to the market premise, in order to demand insight into market supervision documents.

The authority claims that the market has been and always is supervised by an authorized veterinarian, but they deny access to any documents as well as refuse to comment on law violations presented on footage. The veterinary service’s approach to the problem is highly questionable and will be subject to further legal steps.

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