Investigation into the market Bodzentyn, Poland, 03 Nov 2012

targ w Bodzentynie - zaladunek poza terenem targu, samochod nie jest zaopatrzony w rampe odpowiedniej dlugosci i zwierzeta sa przemoca zmuszane do wchodzenia na przyczepeOn the 3rd of November, our representatives have visited an animal market in Bodzentyn, Poland.

The market took place from 06.30 to 8.40 am and the temperature was 2,5 °C. There were approximately 200 cows and 2 sheep at the market, which is less than the regular number there.

The basic infrastructure like loading ramp, tether rail and a shelter is present but used by less than 25% of the animals.

The inspectors have observed a number of violations of animal welfare, namely unmilked cows, overgrown hooves, few thin animals, and several cases of violence in animal handling.

The city council which supervises the market will be notified of the observed law violations and pressed to draw conclusions.

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